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Home Theater Design Essentials Workshops Partners with Audiovisions

San Diego, CA — Paradise Theater, a provider of high-end residential home theater design services, has scheduled two Home Theater Design Essentials Workshops, to be held in conjunction with Audiovisions in Southern California.

One event is to be held in Palm Desert (June 10) and the other in Orange County (June 11).

The Home Theater Design Essentials Workshops are an industry outreach initiative provided by Paradise Theater, Fortress Seating, Kinetics Noise Control, and BASWA Acoustics. The four companies have joined forces to provide a best of breed outreach initiative for Architects and Designers. These are the latest activities for the group in their industry outreach efforts to help build closer working relationships between architects, interior designers, builders, and electronic system integrators. Both events will focus on educating industry partners on available technologies for new and existing homes.

“We find ourselves in a unique situation at Paradise Theater. We coordinate our design work with architects, interior designers, builders, and electronic system integrators,” said Sam Cavitt, president of Paradise Theater. ”Our goal is to provide insight to our partners in the design process, so we can all understand what is possible. If our clientele is unclear on what is possible or why it is desirable we may never have the opportunity to do our best work. These workshops will help all the members of the design team understand this and how to achieve these results”.

The workshop events include the presentation of the course, “Home Theater Design Essentials for the Trade,” which provides a new perspective for trade partners on private theaters and essential elements, process, and best practices for team collaboration during their planning and construction. The “Essentials” course is designed and delivered by Cavitt, a former CEDIA Instructor of the Year. A second, CEDIA-certified, outreach course, titled, “Planning for Residential Electronic Systems,” also will be delivered. Additional event sponsors at the local level are Lutron, JBL, and Sonance; providing product knowledge and table demos at the events.

For more information about these events, visit or contact Ryan Brown at 760.434.9040 or by e-mail at [email protected]