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HomeLogic Adds IP Drivers For Sister Companies

Marblehead, MA — HomeLogic, a manufacturer of IP-based entertainment and control systems, is offering a newly tuned product line featuring embedded product integration with sister companies, ELAN Home Systems and Sunfire. This compatibility is now built in to all HomeLogic products and supports complete control of Sunfire products as well as seamless integration with ELANs Touch Panels, Multi-Room Controllers, and Source components.

The announcement was made on the heels of the release of a Power of Three program announcement.

HomeLogic has a history of integration with ELAN and Sunfire going back three years. Now, with the even closer support and collaboration from the ELAN and Sunfire engineering teams, advanced control protocols have been made available that further simplify installation while adding new valuable control options, new source feedback, and plug and play control features. These new options are available with the companys flagship HomeLogic controllers, and work with dozens of ELAN and Sunfire components — allowing dealers to flexibly configure scalable systems to fit any client need and deliver complete home solutions.

With HomeLogic, dealers can deliver custom solutions that do not require the typical weeks of on-site programming and on-site system support, according to the company. Additionally, HomeLogic systems can be viewed, supported and upgraded remotely.

On the ELAN product side, integration now includes system-wide two-way feedback of supported drivers now available on all Ol Touchpads and VIA! Touch Panels so that dealers can offer their clients a user interface for every room regardless of size, dcor or budget. In addition, for a seamless look throughout the home, HomeLogic now has six new ELAN Ol-matching skins for their touchpanels that allow them to match Ol.

Also, HomeLogic systems now include ELAN S12 and S8.6 Multi-Room Controller support of features like Do Not Disturb, Whole House Music, Dynamic Range, and EQ Adjustment for each zone. Dealers can also easily import any ELAN 1-way Serial or IR driver for advanced system controls. Integration even includes full 2-way control of ELANs DTNR Digital Dual Tuner, XM-R3 Triple Satellite Audio Receiver, as well as the VIA!migo iPod Integration Dock and VIA!dj series I and II Digital Music Servers, including access to Playlists and Album Art.

HomeLogic will now offer complete integration and control of Sunfire components through enhanced 2-way drivers. For example, if a user manually selects a source at a Sunfire Home Theater Receiver or Processor, HomeLogic automatically knows what source to turn on, selects the proper inputs, runs any pre-programmed macros such as dimming the lights and lowering shades, and changes the display on all touch panels in the system to reflect the selected source. Traditionally, this process can take hours of programming, but is now a standard feature with HomeLogic — providing the highest end in custom installation features seamlessly, effortlessly and quickly.

At CEDIA EXPO, HomeLogic also showcased its programming-free core HomeLogic Entertainment and Control technology. Of particular note was the recently introduced DVR Pro Tab which adds integrated Digital Video Recording to HomeLogic systems with video cameras and then automatically records using motion detection or any other system trigger. The new DVR Pro Tab allows playback through a variety of Viewer Interfaces including the Internet and smart phones for instant global monitoring.