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HomePlug Powerline Alliance Signs New Members

DIRECTV and Russound are among the newest members to join the Alliance.

Denver, CO–The HomePlug Powerline Alliance has revealed that a number of new member companies at CEDIA have plans for products incorporating HomePlug technology. Among the HomePlug member companies at CEDIA are DIRECTV, long-time member EchoStar,and Russound in the multimedia space. Additionally, VisualGate Systems in the security industry, with Cellnet Technology Inc. and Grid Net Inc. in the “green power” market, have recently joined the Alliance, adding to the market diversity that the HomePlug Powerline Alliance continues to address.

As a member of the Alliance, DIRECTV uses HomePlug integrated circuit solutions enabling customers to connect broadband services and home computers with their DIRECTV Plus HD DVRs to enjoy photos and music content on their TVs.

Russound, a company focused on whole-house multimedia distribution, will embed HomePlug AV technology in a variety of their multiroom audio-video systems, making life simpler for the installer and more enjoyable for the consumer.

“The HomePlug Alliance provides the industry direction and inspires the consumer confidence we believe is necessary for a robust entertainment experience,” said Romulo Pontual, CTO of DIRECTV.

“We’re looking forward to being an active member of the HomePlug Alliance,” said Russound Vice President of Strategic Development, Jeff Kussard. “PLC technology has proven its efficiency and reliability in the field, and it is the clear choice among retrofit or non-invasive wiring solutions. HomePlug-based products represent an exciting new avenue for Russound, and we look forward to creating compelling products and applications based on this standard.”

In addition to Russound and DIRECTV, EchoStar has brought additional multimedia momentum to the Alliance through their DISH Network, the second largest direct-to-home satellite service in the United States.

VisualGate Systems’ membership to the HomePlug Alliance highlights our focus on utilizing BPL for home security. Additionally, with consumers’ growing interest in environmental consciousness, “green power” or “smart grid” applications have become a key focus for the HomePlug Alliance. Grid Net and Cellnet Technology, two companies focused on utilizing powerline communications for these applications, have also signed on with the HomePlug Alliance.

“The addition of these key companies underscores the commitment of major industry leaders worldwide to adopt HomePlug’s powerline communications standards-based technology and further demonstrates the continued momentum of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance,” said Matthew Theall from Intel Corporation, who also serves as president of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance. “HomePlug technologies allow companies to provide the most seamless and user-friendly in-home powerline connectivity solution, while also supporting a wide variety of to-the-home and on-the-grid applications.”

In addition to DIRECTV, EchoStar and Russound, other HomePlug Alliance member companies exhibiting at CEDIA EXPO 2007 include IOGEAR, Leviton, LG Electronics, Samsung, Sharp and Texas Instruments.