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Honeywell Releases Intellipath iGSMV4G Internet and 4G Communicator

Honeywell has released its IntelliPath iGSMV4G Internet and 4G Communicator.

Honeywell has released its IntelliPath iGSMV4G Internet and 4G Communicator.

The iGSMV4G utilizes the Internet as the primary source of transmission and delivery of alarm signals to central stations, with the option of GSM as a backup. The radio automatically adjusts to find the best signal in the area—whether it’s 2G, 3G or 4G—helping to provide seamless coverage.

The new 4G radio is a highly flexible alarm communications solution that lets the security dealer determine the best configuration for the specific application: Internet and GSM with auto-rollover, Internet only or GSM only. All alarm signals are delivered to Honeywell’s AlarmNet Network Control Center, which routes the information to the appropriate central station. The AlarmNet Network Control Center is fully redundant and monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Driven by the mobile-device industry and consumer demand for increased speed and network longevity, many major carriers are prioritizing 4G implementations over slower alternatives. The improved performance and increased speed on smartphones, tablets, laptops and other wireless portable devices greatly enhances the end-user experience when using Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services. This, in turn, provides security dealers with an excellent opportunity to earn additional recurring monthly revenue (RMR) on every installation.

Honeywell’s iGSMV4G communicator is an ideal fit for high-end residential and commercial consumers who require alarm signal redundancy and broadband service. It delivers reliable alarm signal transmission to homes and businesses that rely on landlines, mobile phones, Voice Over IP (VoIP) or digital telephone service from cable companies.

The iGSMV4G provides security dealers with full contact ID reporting (with ECP mode) on compatible Honeywell VISTA control panels. In addition, with six onboard zone inputs and optional dialer capture, the iGSMV4G is compatible with other manufacturers’ security panels. Two-way voice communications between central stations and protected premises are enabled when used with Honeywell’s Audio Verification System (AVS).