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Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Supports Total Connect Remote Service

Honeywell has expanded Honeywell Total Connect Remote Service capabilities to its popular Tuxedo Touch controller.

Honeywell has expanded Honeywell Total Connect Remote Service capabilities to its popular Tuxedo Touch controller.

This advancement enables security professionals to offer a full range of local and remote home automation services while leveraging the security capabilities of Honeywell’s VISTA control panels. It also provides homeowners greater control of home automation functions such as lighting, locks, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning—with security at the core.

Specifically, using Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services with a Tuxedo Touch home controller allows users to remotely control Z-Wave thermostats, lights, door locks, shades and video via compatible wireless mobile devices. This is in addition to allowing homeowners to remotely manage their security systems for anytime, anywhere control.

Tuxedo Touch is one of Honeywell’s premier, cost-effective “connected home” products that offer life safety and lifestyle benefits. The Honeywell Total Connect remote service enhancements are the latest step in bringing together the capabilities of the company’s home automation systems to create powerful, integrated security and lifestyle solutions. Tuxedo Touch with Honeywell Total Connect features an intuitive touchscreen and a bright, full-color, 7-inch display that uses a built-in controller to communicate with other devices on the Z-Wave communications protocol.

Low-voltage dealers and installers can grow their businesses by positioning the enhanced offering as a security system controller that also meets growing demand for connected lifestyles. When pairing Tuxedo Touch with Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services, a consumer can use the same smartphones or tablets they use every day to unlock a door for a family member or control their lighting, heating and cooling systems so they arrive to a comfortable, well-lit home. They can also receive email or video alerts about important events such as when or whether a child has arrived home from school, if floods, leaks or extreme temperature changes have been detected or if motion has been sensed in a protected indoor or outdoor area.

“The enhancements we’ve made to Tuxedo Touch represent a perfect example of how Honeywell focuses on a better user experience when designing products,” said Alan Stoddard, senior marketing director, Honeywell Security Products Americas. “Security professionals must cater to evolving consumer expectations, and today the expectation is convenience. Tuxedo Touch paired with Honeywell Total Connect provides homeowners anywhere, anytime visibility and control of their connected home.”

Tuxedo Touch with Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services is available through security dealers across North America.