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Houston Dealer to Carry K2s X-arm

The Home Theater Store will display the programmable, remote controlled robotic mount as well as highlight applications that increase its possibilities.

Santa Ana, CA–K2 Mounts has revealed that Home Theater Store, the Houston, Texas-based AV specialty dealer and PRO Group member, will carry K2 Mounts X-arm robotic mount for flat-panel TV’s.

“Home Theater Store has a well-deserved reputation for innovation and leadership,” said Tony Grasso, K2’s VP of sales and marketing. “We’re thrilled to partner with such an exceptional specialty retailer.”

HTS will display the programmable, remote controlled X-arm and highlight applications that allow clients to increase mounting location options while effortlessly eliminating the three major viewing complaints associated with flat-panel displays: glare, reflection, and off-axis viewing problems.

Developed by CLO Systems, X-arm is a programmable remote controlled robotic arm designed to eliminate flat-panel glare, reflection and off-axis viewing problems by allowing the user to adjust the variable tilt and swivel functions while seated in the viewing position. Incremental remote adjustments permit users to obtain the optimum glare-free, on-axis viewing angle quickly and easily from any viewing location in the room. Versatile tilt up/down and swivel range provides unparalleled mounting location possibilities. X-arm sits flush to wall (4.6 inches) when retracted and stows the display upright eliminating any possibility of trapping heat in the upper bezel of the display due to tilt down mounting on fireplaces.

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