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H-P Debuts Quiet Dual-Motor Power Units

H-P Products has launched a new dual-motor power unit for the Element, Dirt Devil, and VACUFLO central vacuum lines.

H-P Products has launched a new dual-motor power unit for the Element, Dirt Devil, and VACUFLO central vacuum lines. The DB9000/Maxum 9 are part of the H-P Products Disposable Bag power unit family and feature innovations to dampen motor noise, reduce the user’s exposure to dirt, and maximize power for cleaning the large homes and light commercial spaces.

The Maxum 9/DB9000 unit is unique in that the 240V motors are arranged in a series configuration, rather than the usual side-by-side dual motor configuration found in other H-P models. This configuration results in greater suction power, better long-term performance, and more effective dirt-free cleaning. The unit is fitted with a carbon capture filter, which dampens motor sounds for quieter cleaning and drastically reduces carbon dust emissions. The new model also comes standard with a sound dampening acoustic foam that is permanently adhered to the top of the barrier plate for even quieter operation.

CleanShield disposable filter bags eliminate Maxum 9/DB9000 owner’s exposure to dirt since there is no recirculation of vacuumed particles, dust or allergens or need to empty the canister. Two to three times a year, the homeowner simply removes, seals, and replaces the bag without releasing any accumulated dirt or debris. Both models are shipped with two filter bags that are fitted with reorder tags for easy replacement and recurring filter bag revenue. A secondary filter protects the power unit’s motors if the unit is accidentally run without a filter bag.

“The new DB9000 and Maxum 9 offer the perfect combination of cleaning power and convenience for people in large homes,” said Amy Wesely, H-P Products Marketing Manager. “With five times the suction power of uprights and six gallons of bag capacity, users enjoy peak performance all the time, minimal upkeep, and no secondary exposure to dirt and fine dust particles.”

Both the DB9000 and Maxum 9 also come with a lifetime limited warranty to the original homeowner and original installation location. The central vacuum power units also feature quick-connect, low-voltage connectors. Installers simply insert and secure stranded or solid low-voltage wire without any special tools or crimping.