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HTDE Hosts Workshop Series at AudioVisions

Palm Desert and Santa Ana, CA — Professionals from the design and construction industry provided a positive reception for the Home Theater Design Essentials for the Trade (HTDE) workshop series produced June 10-11 by a group led by Paradise Theater, including Kinetics Noise Control, Fortress Seating, and BASWA Acoustics.

(l-r) Scott Hudson of AudioVisions and Sam Cavitt of Paradise Theater
AudioVisions hosted one event in Palm Desert on June 10 and the other in Orange County on June 11. Attendees included included architects, interior designers, and builders

The workshop series was the idea of Paradise Theater president Sam Cavitt who said his goal was to provide insight to industry partners about the design process. “If our clientele is unclear on what is possible or why it is desirable, we may never have the opportunity to do our best work,” Cavitt said. “These workshops will help all the members of the design team understand this and how to achieve these results.”

Upon hearing about the workshop series, AudioVisions electronic systems designer Scott Hudson “ran with” the idea, according to Cavitt, and was instrumental in creating interest in the management team at AudioVisions. AudioVision’s director of marketing Paul Self, and general manager Jim Coleman, coordinated event planning with Paradise Theater.

Co-sponsoring the event with AudioVisions were JBL and Crestron at the Palm Desert event and Lutron and Sonance at the Orange County event, which was held at the Lutron Experience Center in Santa Ana. Co-sponsors provide product demonstrations before and after the educational events. The manufacturers represented an important part of the workshops, because design team members were able to see how components fit together.

JBL representative Eric Leicht noted that the attendees genuinely came away with important gained knowledge and respect about what designers are trying to achieve in a home theater. “At JBL we work with architects and designers all the time on commercial screening rooms and studios, and those people are obsessive about sound quality and acoustics because they know it is the top priority of their client,” Leicht said. “We don’t always get that kind of cooperation from those same trades on the residential side, but Sam really inspired the attendees with his passion for great acoustics and delivering a top flight home theater experience to the client.”

HTDE partners, Kinetics Noise Control, Fortress Seating, and BASWA Acoustic represent architectural and design elements, rather than electronics, helping bridge the gap between the trades and electronic systems integrators. At least on attendee agreed that this goal was achieved, saying, “Your workshop did a great job of explaining all the technical issues, but in a way that we could really understand it. Now I see how the whole team works together to design great home theaters. I am not intimidated by it any more.”

HTDE workshops will be presented in cooperation with systems integrators, sales representatives and manufacturer co-sponsors in locations nationwide throughout 2009 and 2010.

“Our goal with these workshops is to help integrators, design team partners, and our industry as a whole create new opportunity,” Cavitt stated. “We want to do something positive to stimulate business.”

To learn more, visit or call 760.434.9040.

From the left, Chris Underwood of Kinetics, Sam Diaquila from Baswa Acoustic, Sam Cavitt of Paradise Theater, Don and Carol Wolper of Fortress Seating.