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HTSA Adds Number 60

The Home Theater Specialists of America (HTSA) buying group welcomes Synergy Audio Video of Orange, California.

Chester Springs, PA–Home Theater Specialists of America (HTSA) buying group has added its sixtieth member, Synergy Audio Video of Orange, California.

Steve Gorton started Synergy in 1996 after being a retail salesperson for the likes of Leigh Adams and Ken Cranes. His store sells brands like Integra, LG, Sharp, Runco, Speakercraft, and Velodyne.

I started as one guy and a van the prototypical trunk slammer,” Gorton recalled. “It didnt take long to figure out the only way I was going to make real money was to provide all of the product as well as the installation. Along the same lines I quickly figured out the $2,000 pair of speakers was just as easy to install as a $200 pair of speakers and the $2,000 customer was usually happier and told more friends. Since then Synergy has become one of the top integrators in southern California and we are very excited about moving into our brand new 8,500 square foot facility later this year. Over the years Ive always worked hard to make sure Im buying right and partnered with the right brands. I believe joining HTSA will help strengthen my buying power and allow me to form more relationships with other top dealers from around the country.

Richard Glikes, executive director, said, Steve has very efficient business model with a great staff of motivated craftsmen. His merchandising skills have been challenged by the size of his current showrooms but this will all change shortly when he moves into his new 8,500-square-foot facility. Synergys product mix and business philosophy are a perfect fit for our association.