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HTSA and Sharp Partner on Solar Energy Certification

HTSA (Home Theater Specialists of America) and Sharp have partnered to certify 23 individuals from 16 various member organizations within HTSA. These members were schooled in the art of sales, design, integration, and installation of grid-tied, photovoltaic, solar energy systems.

Sharp offered two-day courses taught by Michael Amati of Sharp Solar. The first of the classes took place in Huntington Beach, California, July 27-28. The second class took place at the Sharp facilities in Mahwah, New Jersey, August 24-25. These classes included hands-on installation and design as well as many hours of classroom instruction and testing.

David Berman, director of training and public relations, who has also owned and operated a custom installation business, commented, “This was an incredible opportunity! HTSA represents some of the finest integrators in the world, and we are constantly being asked by our clients to help reduce their carbon footprint, while improving the clients’ life at home. It started with writing code for control systems that would efficiently monitor and operate energy guzzling systems. It soon led to lighting alternatives and enhanced integration of other systems such as HVAC and shade systems. Finally HTSA created the Guiltless Green Home Theater, which utilized a grid-tied, PV, solar energy system to offset the power consumed by a complete home theater system.”

The natural evolution was to be able to provide a single point of contact for a complete package of lifestyle solutions. HTSA members are ready to provide affordable and cutting edge solutions. This is just one way of keeping “The Trusted Experts” ahead of the industry and the competition by providing the consumer with an alternative approach to making life at home better for everyone.

“Instead of buying ingredients from an electronics grocery store, consumers can now choose to have a professional recommend, design, and install complete lifestyle solutions, without fear that the cost will be ridiculous or that they will be choosing the wrong contractor,” Berman added.

For more information on solar energy solutions and how to integrate them affordably into your home, please contact HTSA at 610.363.9055 or contact us at