HTSA Hires Industry Veteran Tom Doherty for Strategic Role

Doherty to Develop New Strategic Initiatives and Assist in Member Education
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Tom DohertyHome Technology Specialists of America (HTSA), the U.S. hybrid-retail and custom integration buying group, has appointed well-known industry icon, Tom Doherty, to a new role at the organization, placing him in charge of special projects. Doherty will assist group members in finding new business opportunities within or adjacent to existing businesses, creating strategic plans and execution, and developing programs for member education.

“I can think of no one better credentialed to lead this new role at HTSA,” said Jon Robbins, executive director of HTSA. “The breadth of his experience and the depth of his business acumen is the perfect combination to help the organization identify, implement, and dominate new business opportunities. With this appointment, HTSA asserts its proactive role in driving growth for our members and for the overall channel.”

Doherty has amassed a 40-year career in the custom installation business. Starting his career as an integrator, he launched Architectural Audio and Video in Indianapolis in 1985. Then, in 1989, seeing the need to get the nascent industry organized, he joined with a handful of other integrators to create the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA). Doherty went on to become the organization’s first president, and CEDIA awarded him a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001 in recognition of his significant contributions to the organization.

Seeing yet another opportunity in the rapidly growing custom integration field, in 1996 Doherty co-founded Escient, one of the industry’s first convergence companies.

Then, in 1998, Doherty and his partners at Escient acquired CDDB, a company now known as Gracenote. Going on to serve on the Gracenote’s board of directors, Doherty helped drive adoption of their technologies and services, which provided a critical capability that facilitated the successful launch of the Apple iPod.

Most recently, he was senior system designer for Triphase Technologies, a well-known and respected high-end custom electronics integration company in Indianapolis.

HTSA members reacted strongly when they heard the news of Dohery’s appointment. “The hiring of Tom Doherty by HTSA to work on special initiatives is a bold, powerful, and insightful move, and I am absolutely delighted by the announcement,” said Mark Hoffenberg, of integrator member AudioVisions. “Tom is a proven visionary and leader in our industry. His rich history and deep understanding of every aspect of the technology integration business is virtually unmatched. Tom will be invaluable to the continued growth and success of both HTSA members and vendors.”

Dennis Jaques of Maverick Integration, said that HTSA is “lucky to have somebody like Tom Doherty” in the group. “Members will definitely benefit from Tom’s vast knowledge and technical experience gleaned from the many years and the many facets of his career. I want everybody to realize that we need more people like Tom Doherty in our industry – leading and mentoring our members to new heights, so we can all grow and profit,” he said.

This appointment of Doherty by HTSA will take effect starting September 1.