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HTSA Reviews Accomplishments

Takes a look back at the past year before announcing plans for 2019.

Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) has announced the results of its review of 2018 accomplishments as part of its preparation for the launch of a new 2019 agenda. For HTSA members, 2018 was another record year with members reporting strong overall business growth both in terms of the number of projects initiated, and in terms of the increase in value of each of those projects.

HTSA members particularly noticed a dramatically growing contribution from new categories such as lighting fixtures, design, and services, which collectively is adding millions of dollars in new revenues for the organization. In addition to this, members are seeing greater gains in organizational efficiencies thanks to several consortium-led business education initiatives and strategies.

It is all part of the organization’s goal — developed by executive director Jon Robbins and HTSA’s Board of Directors — to aggressively pursue greater organizational growth and effectiveness through education, training, and innovative new business initiatives.

The consortium has chosen to invest heavily in building a best-in-class management team, with the addition of industry experts in full-time roles. These new team members aid in creating more powerful business strategies, support members on a daily basis in the execution of these plans, and build custom educational curriculums.

“Success in this business is not a given, and I’m confident that we’ve built a world-class management team to take on whatever challenges we face,” says HTSA executive director Jon Robbins. “But success is a team effort, and the progress we make as an organization is truly due to the extraordinary efforts of HTSA members to proactively sign up for the Masterclass education, to understand and implement what they’ve learned there within their organizations, and to effectively execute our plans to the best of their ability. I give our extraordinary group of member organizations all the credit.”

During 2018, HTSA management began executing the delivery of the HTSA Lighting Masterclass Level 1. By the end of 2018, fully 55 HTSA members have achieved certification — with testing conducted independently by the ALA — as Certified Lighting Specialists.

More than two years ago, HTSA embraced the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), an expert business process program that helps entrepreneurs like HTSA member company founders gain greater control over their business processes. Based on research from Gino Wickman, who went on to develop EOS, HTSA has embraced the program for its members, creating a customized business process Masterclass educational program and coordinating closely with the international EOS organization.

HTSA has held multiple EOS Masterclass sessions, featuring several of the EOS organization’s top certified “implementers.” Members have reported that the EOS system has revolutionized their operations, with most members bringing multiple company managers to the EOS Masterclass sessions.

As of now, there are dozens of HTSA members holding EOS “Level 10” meetings weekly. A concept unique to EOS, holding highly effective and regularly scheduled Level 10 management meetings is an example of these organizations making a strong commitment to build the strength and efficiency of their management teams.

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