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Humax Partners with DIRECTV

Humax will produce the new DIRECTV DVR.

Seoul, Korea–Humax, an international manufacturer of digital satellite set-top boxes, has entered into a development and supply agreement with DIRECTV.

The agreements encompass various set top box models including a portion of the entry-level receivers that will feature interactive services and a HDTV receiver capable of receiving MPEG 4 broadcasts due to ship later in the year. In addition, Humax is producing the new DIRECTV DVR, also due out later this year.

Dr. Dae Gyu Byun, chairman and CEO of Humax Co. LTD, stated, “Humax is proud to be added to the roster of DIRECTV approved vendors, its an important milestone in our history. Our business is very much aligned with DIRECTV; Humax was born as a satellite set top box manufacturer and continues to gain market share worldwide in this segment. Our experience in this space, combined with a dedicated and knowledgeable staff, will prove to be very valuable to this relationship.”

Romulo Pontual, executive vice president and CTO of DIRECTV, said, “DIRECTV is poised to introduce several compelling new products and services in 2005. We are pleased to have Humax as a partner to develop and manufacturer set top boxes for DIRECTV. Humax brings years of proven cost effective set top box design and manufacturing.”