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Humax Unveils DVD Recorder With TiVo

Humax USA, in its partnership with TiVo, has introduced the new Humax DRT800 DVD recorder with TiVo service.

New York, NY–Humax USA, in its partnership with TiVo, has introduced the new Humax DRT800 DVD recorder with TiVo service.

With a price of $399, after $100 rebate, and a set of features offered only from the TiVo service, the Humax DVD recorder with TiVo is available today from retailers nationwide including, Best Buy,, Circuit City, Good Guys,, J&R Music, Sams Club and

Eliminating the need for multiple home entertainment devices, Humax has designed the DVD recorder as a 3-in-1 device which includes, an 80-hour digital video recorder (DVR) with the TiVo service, a DVD recorder, and a progressive scan DVD player that delivers sharper and more vivid playback than most standard DVD players. The DVD Recorder with TiVo is compatible with all programming sources including cable, digital cable, satellite and traditional off-air antennas. Furthermore, unlike other DVD recorders, it allows consumers to burn DVDs in the background while recording or watching live TV.

“The VCR has never delivered on the promise of easy recording and DVD recorders in the past have proven to be too complicated to be useful for consumers. Today, TiVo and Humax have raised the bar for the consumer DVD recorder experience,” said Mike Ramsay, chairman and CEO, TiVo Inc. “The Humax DVD recorder combined with the easy to use TiVo service, makes it easy for consumers to record, playback and burn their favorite shows and offers home media features not found with any other DVR.”

“Humaxs extensive experience in delivering cost-effective state of the art products is clearly displayed in this product,” said TH Kim, president of Humax USA. “Weve successfully broken the entry barrier for consumers looking for an intuitive DVD Recording experience. For an incredible value of $399, our DRT800 DVD Recorder offers consumers feature-rich DVD playing and burning functionality combined with the best-in-class DVR, TiVo. If you are looking for a DVD recorder or DVR, look no further, no other product available today offers the ease of use and full functionally offered by the DRT800, DVD Recorder with TiVo service at such an accessible price point.”

For $12.95 per month and $6.95 per month for additional boxes, the TiVo service included with the Humax DVD Recorder offers the same intuitive user-interface from TiVo that consumers love, and the popular service features only available from TiVo, such as Season Pass, WishList, Online Scheduling and Home Media Features that provide the ability to connect a TiVo box to a home network, view digital music and photos through a home theater system, and access multi-room viewing. Furthermore, with the advanced search capabilities of the TiVo service, not available from other DVD recorders, consumers can quickly find and record specific shows that can be burned to DVD, making it ideal for traveling or archiving to watch when and where they want.

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