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IBM, Avoca, AMG Partner on Digital Voice Technology

The joint collaboration will use IBMs speech recognition technology to create voice support of digital entertainment devices.

New York, NY–IBM and Avoca Semiconductor Inc., developers of voice user interface solutions, have entered into a collaboration working with content provider All Media Guide (AMG), to support voice control and search on digital entertainment devices, using IBM Embedded ViaVoice speech recognition technology.

Beginning with digital music, Avoca and AMG will co-create and design products that make voice an intuitive and easy way to interact hands-free with a user’s personal media collection. “With IBM and Avoca technologies, AMG can give users access to its rich editorial content and data through simple voice commands,” said Greg Smith, VP of technology at All Media Guide. “Users will be able to locate music by their favorite artists by requesting nicknames like ‘The Boss,’ alternate names like P. Diddy, Puff Daddy or Sean Combs, acronyms like ‘CSNY’ for Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and many other associations only available in AMG’s rich metadata.”

Avoca has an OEM agreement with IBM, under which IBM Embedded ViaVoice speech recognition technology will be used by Avoca in the design of its voice control and search product family. Avoca creates speech-enabled user interface (UI) platforms, such as its Media Control Platform, that utilize IBM’s Embedded ViaVoice runtime software as the recognition engine and Avoca also works with AMG to provide voice-accessible, enriched metadata that enables consumers to better manage, enjoy and discover their digital media.

“We are focused on delivering the most effective and satisfying end-user experience with voice control,” said Iain Scott, president of Avoca. “Our AMG and IBM alliances help ensure that Avoca technology and products will provide customers with end-to-end user interface solutions that make digital media systems easier to use.”

“Considering the rich functionality and diversity of today’s media center products, many product designers will find limitations caused by touch-only interfaces,” said Jim Holland, product line manager, IBM Software Group. “The selection of IBM Embedded ViaVoice recognition technology by Avoca for its Media Control Platform technology provides a reliable overall solution for consumer electronics, helping to make life easier for entertainment center owners and product designers. IBM is pleased to help develop this new market.”

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