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Industry Mourns Passing of Don Bouchard

Ultralink/XLO vice president and chief marketing officer dies after battling injuries sustained from a December motorcyling accident in Texas.

Don Bouchard, an industry veteran who was passionately involved in the A/V specialty business since 1972, died on Thursday, February 7. Ultralink/XLO’s vice president and chief marketing officer had been battling serious injuries sustainted in late December, when he was involved in a motorcyling accident in Texas.

A 35-year veteran of the consumer electronics and A/V specialty industry, Bouchard was a passionate audio and videophile. He also served in top sales and marketing positions with brands such as Ohm Acoustics, Dahlquist, Acoustic Research, Red Rose Music, and Cello with Mark Levinson. Educated with a degree in psychology from Texas A&M University, Bouchard was also a highly successful motivational speaker, spokesman and educator with clients that have included IBM, Tandy, HP, Maritz Corp., and Merrill Lynch.

Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) president and CEO Gary Shapiro released the following statement, following news of Bouchard’s passing: Don was a long-time leader in the specialty audio/video segment of the consumer electronics community. He joined CEAs Audio Board in 2007 because he said he wanted to give back to the industry that he felt had given so much to him. Indeed, he gave a great deal of his time and talents, and made the industry better as a result. CEA benefited immeasurably from his experience and communication skills. Well miss his leadership and his friendship.

Jeffrey Hipps, senior vice president of Sherwood America Inc., and Immediate past chair of CEAs Audio Division Board, added, Wherever my friend Don Bouchard worked, his business card carried this title: Audio Evangelist. It was a fitting description. The zeal he demonstrated in his pursuit of audio excellence represented our best. With his big heart, warm manner and huge personality, Don engaged life head-on. His loss leaves a permanent hole in my heart.