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Innerspace Electronics Debuts Savant App in NYC

InnerSpace Electronics' elite home automation event yesterday provided attendees with a special first-look at the recently launched Savant App for iOS and Android devices.

InnerSpace Electronics‘ elite home automation event yesterday provided attendees with a special first-look at the recently launched Savant App for iOS and Android devices. The event, held at the renowned NYC Savant Experience Center, InnerSpace, marked the first time that the Savant App was showcased in its entirety to the NY metro market.

InnerSpace Electronics elite home automation event.“Technology changes happen so quickly in the ‘smart home’ home automation industry that it has become critical that we keep our customers, local architects, builders, and designers clued into the evolving marketplace and available technology solutions,” said InnerSpace Electronics co-founder and vice president, Andrea Reiner. “The Savant App is truly groundbreaking in regards to the end-user experience it delivers and how it empowers today’s Custom Integrators pros and complimentary trades to offer more. We are thrilled that we have the chance to participate in this exclusive showcase.”

With the new app, consumers themselves can create and edit schedules and scenes — anything from setting a gentle ‘Good Morning’ scene to creating the perfect date night atmosphere. The tool allows the homeowner to get creative with their lighting, shading, playlists, theater, streaming content, and more. For the professional integrator the app provides a platform in which they can better educate the end-user about the possibilities afforded by the smart home, while continuing to position themselves as the system design specialist and intelligence that makes the technology work. For architects, builders, and designers, the new tool delivers a real opportunity to design and spec in a home automation solution that not only blends seamlessly with the space’s aesthetics, but also offers true elegance and simplicity.

“We are eager to present the new Savant App to some of the area’s greatest architects and designers,” said Don Sehulster, general manager of sales and systems for Savant’s NYC Experience Center. “Collaborating on this event with InnerSpace enables us to keep home trade professionals abreast of the ever-evolving smart home landscape so they can continue to offer best in class solutions to today’s modern consumer.”

Alongside demos of the Savant App, InnerSpace offered two sessions of the approved training course, “From Vision to Reality; Where Technology Meets Design,” granting attendees one AIA or ASID CEU under the Health Safety & Wellness category. This unique course outlined the challenges that designers and architects face daily with an increasing amount of technology compromising their design vision. The course provided insight into the many ways technology applications can be “Photoshopped” out of real life to retain the aesthetic integrity of the space. Upon completion of this course attendees should be able to identify the challenges of multiple technologies and the aesthetic inconsistencies across different devices and brands while understanding the principles of audio and HVAC placement for best functionality with minimal intrusion.