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Integra Adds ISF Video Calibration to Products

The new capabilities have been integrated into two AV receivers and a preamplifier.

Denver, CO–Integra debuted three units to include Imaging Science Foundation’s Certified Calibration Controls (ISFccc) at the CEDIA EXPO last week. By adding this capability to two AV receivers and a preamplifier, Integra now makes it possible to achieve optimal image quality from all video source components connected using the receiver’s built-in video switching.

ISF is the world leader in providing video image calibration training and services for high-end commercial and consumer video display systems. ISF-trained calibration technicians will now be able to use the new Integra DTR-8.9 and DTR-9.9 receivers, and DHC-9.9 preamp-processor to calibrate the video signals from several different source components in order to achieve optimal video display quality for all of them. The Integra ISFccc system also allows programming of day and night settings, plus a user-accessible custom setting for each source.

For consumers and custom installers alike, the simplest and most reliable way to connect different video sources — DVD player, HD player, Satellite TV, cable TV, etc. — is by using an AV receiver or preamplifier to select the desired source and direct the video signal over a single output to the TV or projector. However, until now the ability to fine-tune video calibration adjustments has been a function of the TV or video projector, meaning the display could be optimized for only one of the many sources being switched in the AV receiver. While there are complex workarounds involving multiple bypass connections and unwieldy remote control macro programming, these rarely survive the first visit of a teenage nephew.

“That’s the beauty of what Integra has done,” said Joel Silver, the president and founder of ISF. “They have made everything simple by putting the calibration controls in the receiver and providing separate calibration memory for each input. We have worked with Integra for the past year to make sure all the coarse-grain and fine-grain calibration adjustments correspond to ISF protocols. Now, ISF-trained technicians can achieve a perfect match for all the sources and also provide the end user with simple, intuitive control over sources and switching.”

“Since most of our dealers are custom installers and most have ISF certified calibration technicians on their teams, they will now enjoy capabilities simply unavailable to dealers using competing brands of receivers and processors,” said Keith Haas, Integra’s director of sales. “We are very excited by this opportunity to provide the end user with a state-of-the-art video presentation while maintaining the straightforward ease-of-operation customers have come to expect of Integra equipment.”

This ISF calibration capability is now available on the new Integra DHC-9.9 AV preamp controller, and DTR-8.9 and DTR-9.9 AV receivers, which will be shipping to dealers in September. Access to this calibration will be restricted to ISF trained calibration technicians who will perform these services for a fee as independent contractors.