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Integra and ReadyToPlay Launch Marketing Program

Integra and ReadyToPlay are jointly promoting ReadyToPlay's high-speed CD conversion and loading service.

Upper Saddle River, NJ–Integra and ReadyToPlay have launched a joint marketing program to promote ReadyToPlay’s high-speed CD conversion and loading service.

This service involves converting conventional audio CDs into data files, which can then be stored as a variety of compressed or uncompressed formats, including MP3 and PCM. The company also offers optional backup and restore services to protect customers music collections.

The campaign features educational and promotional materials targeted at resellers, installers, and end-users of Integra’s NAS line of digital audio servers. The companies will conduct mutual advertising of products and services on the companies’ websites, and via e-mail.

“Our network audio servers give installers a simple, extremely powerful tool for centralizing and distributing large music libraries,” said Integra national product and marketing manager Eric Harper. “Ripping and loading an entire CD collection, however, can be an extremely time consuming and costly process. ReadyToPlay offers a rapid, cost-effective, and extremely accurate means of accomplishing this task.”