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IntelliTouch Selects SRS Labs WOW Audio

The technology will be featured in the manufacturers Eos audio speaker system for iPod.

Santa Ana, CA–SRS Labs, a provider of surround sound, audio and voice technologies, has licensed its SRS WOW audio and bass enhancement technology to IntelliTouch for the new Eos iPod docking station. SRS WOW restores detail and purity to digitally compressed audio and provides immersive 3D surround sound from stereo speakers.

IntelliTouch, based in San Diego, CA, developed the Eos system, named after the Greek Goddess of dawn, to herald the beginning of a new product category for home audio. Using “WiFi friendly” technology, Eos links up to four individual stereo wireless speakers, establishing interference-free, CD-quality sound that can be transmitted up to 150 feet indoors and over 300 feet outdoors.

The inclusion of SRS WOW audio enhancement technology allows the Eos system to significantly improve playback quality of digitally compressed audio and deliver a dynamic and immersive 3D entertainment experience. SRS WOW expands the narrow stereo “sweet spot” and retrieves the ambient information and directional cues of audio that are typically lost during the recording and playback process, creating a sound field with restored clarity. SRS WOW also includes TruBass to optimize the bass response for more impact from the compact stereo speakers used on the Eos system.

“IntelliTouch’s innovative wireless multi-room speaker system for iPod coupled with the superior sound quality provided by SRS WOW enables listeners to enjoy high quality audio throughout their home, without the inconvenience of running speaker wires,” said Michael Franzi, vice president sales – Licensing, SRS Labs. “We are looking forward to working with IntelliTouch on future product developments with the goal of delivering first class audio products to consumers.”

The Eos iPod docking base station/transmitter features two high performance stereo drivers and a ported sub-woofer. Besides iPod audio, the Eos system also features an auxiliary input that allows broadcasting of audio from virtually any audio source from the Eos Base Station. The core system includes a docking station/transmitter, a wireless infrared remote control and one wireless stereo speaker ($299 MSRP). Additional Eos wireless speaker stereo speakers are available separately ($149 MSRP). The Eos system is available now at retail locations, such as The Sharper Image, and online.

“Teaming up with SRS Labs allowed us to deliver the best possible sound quality from both the Eos docking station and the satellite speakers,” said IntelliTouch Executive VP Jeff O’Shea. “Incorporating SRS WOW enabled us to broadcast exceptional CD-quality audio through our groundbreaking wireless system.”