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Inteset Enables Secure Lockdown on Servers

The module removes accessibility to the computer UI elements of the system.

Hanover MA–Inteset is now enabling its exclusive Secure Lockdown module on all future shipments of its media servers.

Inteset media servers run Microsoft Vista Ultimate and Premium OS which includes Windows Media Center. Inteset has supplied its Secure Lockdown module, which creates a Media Center Only environment on its servers for years. The major difference now is that it is enabled, versus disabled, when the units ship.

The Secure Lockdown module removes accessibility to the computer UI elements of the system. This prevents the possibility of obtaining viruses or OS corruption due to user downloads and malicious software installations. When Secure Lockdown is enabled, the system boots directly into Media Center. The user never sees or has access to any Windows Desktop elements.

There are a few factors that contributed to the decision of locking down the system as the default, said David Hirsh, Inteset’s director of business development. First, we’ve found the module to be very popular among our dealers. Most have been doing the installations then locking down the systems. Leaving the job knowing they won’t have to service the systems because of user tampering” is a good feeling, continued Hirsh. In addition, the Microsoft ehome team has done a fantastic job incorporating audio, video, and other wizard driven system configuration options within the Media Center UI. Inteset supplies advanced setup control in its own System Configuration‟ Media Center UI for installations that require it. In essence, the installer or user never has to leave Media Center.

Secure Lockdown is a terrific enhancement to the Inteset systems, said Mike Garnmeister, president of Residential Technology Consulting and an Inteset dealer. It turns the would-be computer into a true AV device. Our customers have all of the functionality of Vista Media Center as well as secure Web browsing ability [Inteset provided] without the worries. We can still install third-party apps and services such as Life-ware when we need to. Inteset provides a convenient way to do that, continued Garnmeister.

Inteset provides the option for the dealer to easily disable the Secure Lockdown feature.