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Inteset to Debut 15-TB Storage Device

The server is pre-fitted with high-speed, low-power, quiet, 24x7, Seagate hard drives.

Hanover, MA–Inteset has unveiled its new 15-terabyte, TeraRAID XV-NAS storage server. The latest in its line of TeraRAID devices, the XV-NAS is a near silent, 15-bay, hot swappable, RAID 6, AV focused, network attached storage server (NAS). The 5U system is only 18 inches in depth making it the only high-capacity NAS unit on the market uniquely designed for an AV rack. The server is pre-fitted with high-speed, low-power, quiet, 24×7, Seagate hard drives geared specifically for multi-streaming video applications.

“With the selection of Seagate high-capacity drives for Inteset’s A/V NAS system, Inteset is showing its commitment to providing the most reliable, AV-optimized storage for its customers,” said Bill Schilling, director of global marketing for Seagate. “Tier 2 nearline applications, especially with video, are quite data-intensive because of the large sequential volumes of data in use. Seagate is pleased to be working with Inteset to help them meet their data storage needs for the A/V NAS.”

In addition, the system is preconfigured to work with Inteset’s Media Library for movie, music, home video, picture, and recorded TV content. The TeraRAID XV-NAS uses enterprise level, CPU, RAID, and gigabyte Ethernet to support multiple high-bandwidth video streams. Via the Inteset Heartbeat Monitoring Service, installers can opt to receive email alerts if there is any trouble such as a failing hard drive or bad fan. Inteset will automatically ship a new drive overnight if a bad one is detected. The headless unit can easily be managed from any browser client using the included management software. The system will be available direct to Inteset dealers as well as through other distribution channels to be announced.

“With HD content on the rise, particularly from home videos, recorded HDTV, and Blu-ray movies, massive storage is needed more than ever,” states David Hirsh, Inteset Director of Business Development. “The XV-NAS offers installers a new class in energy efficient, quiet, enterprise level, AV style storage. Customers can automatically replicate their Inteset Media Library across homes and access it from the Web. They can also increase capacity by simply adding drives. We’re very excited to be the first to offer such a device to this market,” continues Hirsh.

The TeraRAID XV-NAS units are available in two different flavors based on disk space needs and cost. Options include 15 and 7 terabyte configurations for an MSRP of $14,495 and $10,995 respectively. Single drives can be purchased for hot swap spares as well.