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× Adds Liquidation Feature for Used Electronics, a private marketplace for dealers to buy, sell, and trade excess inventory, is helping dealers move products more quickly with a new “Liquidation” feature., a private marketplace for dealers to buy, sell, and trade excess inventory, is helping dealers move products more quickly with a new “Liquidation” feature.

“’s goal from the beginning was to help dealers turn unwanted and excess inventory into cash,” said Josh Willits, founder of “Our membership has been steadily increasing and our available inventory growing. The next logical step was to give dealers the option to liquidate product immediately – to move it for cash. The new feature has been live on our site for about 6 weeks and it’s been extremely well received.”

For the Liquidation feature, has teamed up with multiple partners specializing in liquidation of used electronics through their well-established web stores. Integrated into the website, dealers can request a liquidation proposal for part or all of their listed inventory. then obtains quotes from their liquidation partners and offers dealers the best prices to liquidate the product. When the dealer accepts the cash offer, they receive shipping label(s) to ship the products out of their warehouse, and then receive payment for those products.

Fusion Media Systems out of Kirkwood, is an member dealer who has already taken advantage of the new feature. Fusion’s project manager Jimmy Dole said, “The liquidation feature on has been extremely useful for us. Plans often change in the Home Integration business and inevitably some equipment will be leftover, for many different reasons. We have liquidated this leftover inventory in order to reinvest in current projects and better manage our inventory. has certainly been an asset to our company.”

Josh Willits goes on to say, “It’s always been our promise to build features that are valuable for our dealer members. This is a feature that dealers get excited about. The longer the product sits on the shelf, the less valuable it is. Instead of writing it off and tossing it in the dumpster, dealers can free up warehouse space and turn that inventory into cash.” is a private web marketplace that connects dealers’ excess inventory in the cloud. Member dealers can easily and quickly add excess and unwanted inventory into the system. Dealers can quickly find products by manufacturer, category or model number., then purchase, make an offer, or even trade for the product. Dealers can get more information, view videos on how it works, and sign up for a free 30 day trial, at