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In-Visions Launches New HDMI Testing Service

Fee-based DPL Program will offer performance-based ratings on cables.

Ormond Beach, FL–In-Visions Technology International is preparing to launch a new testing and certification program, called the DPL (Digital Performance Level) HD Performance Testing & Certification Program, with an initial focus on HDMI products.

In-Visions as founded by Jeffrey Boccaccio as a diversified technology engineering group. The company has developed its DPL program to create an objective performance standard for advanced digital products such as HDMI and to conduct thorough, rigorous, and independent testing so that these products can be properly rated based on their level of performance. The DPL certification seal lists a performance ranking from one to five, with a rating of five representing superlative performance.

According to Boccaccio, through In-Visions honest and independent performance testing and published results, the DPL program will ensure that consumers and other cable buyers will be able to gauge true product performance based on technical excellence and not marketing hype. DPL will also help ensure that consumers can easily select the proper level of cable performance for any given application.

The DPL program is all about helping consumers make an informed HDMI purchasing decision based on true product performance – not smoke and mirrors claims from manufacturers marketing departments, Boccaccio said.

To get a list of participating manufacturers as well as more details on this program, visit or call 386/615-2434.