IoT Industry Veteran Establishes Full Service Consulting Group

Avi Rosenthal Founded IoT Consulting to Help Companies Develop Next-Gen Products
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Avi Rosenthal

Avi Rosenthal, an accomplished professional in the IoT industry, has established IoT Consulting, LLC, a consulting group that will aim to provide companies with the access and knowledge they need to develop the next generation of connected devices.

With 20 years’ experience in the information technology and consumer electronic fields, Avi Rosenthal’s passion for developing innovative connected devices is well known throughout the industry. His success in creating flourishing start-ups as well as building thriving organizations is due to his proven ability to identify strategic opportunities. 

IoT Consulting is a full service agency that provides a wide range of services to companies in the IoT Industry. Clients of IoT Consulting benefit from a number of services including personalized guidance of, marketing, business development, product development, manufacturer’s representation, contract manufacturing, and industry access. 

Through IoT Consulting’s deep connections with manufacturers, dealers, retailers, and users, its clients can gain access to insights and resources needed to develop, market, and manufacture products and services for the IoT Industry.