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iPoint Control Offers New Proposal, Project Management Software

As the owner of home integration company Home Connections in Kansas City, MO, Brooks Swift has invested thousands of dollars on proposal and project management software that he says either left him wanting more or felt was too “enterprise-grade” for a custom integration company’s needs.

When he was owner of home integration company Home Connections in Kansas City, MO, Brooks Swift invested thousands of dollars on proposal and project management software that he says either left him wanting more or was too “enterprise-grade” to fit a custom integration company’s specific needs. That’s why he decided to build his own solution.

Brooks Swift, iPoint Control founder.
This week Swift is launching a secure cloud-based solution called iPoint Control that takes the best of existing proposal and design packages and adds a much more substantial project management component to enable a company to assign tasks to individuals within the company, with real-time status reporting, punchlists with photos built in, and completion hours estimates.

iPoint Control runs from a central database, so all data from all departments can be available in one view. Data is live, so changes in the field show immediately in the office on all mobile devices in the field. Hosted by iPoint Servers or by the customer, cloud data is available via most internet connections, all data is password protected, and database files are backed up daily and weekly.

The projects module is considered the workhorse in iPoint Control. As the central holding place for all tasks, documents, and photos it enables a user to quickly deploy work orders with associated tasks, update clients, and review the work completed. An owner or project manager can even measure the productivity of his field resources against estimated labor times.

Tasks can be automatically created from these labor rates and product listings from the iDesign Proposal system. An unlimited number of tasks can be added to any project. Tasks can be added from project work orders for added flexibility, as well. All task photos added to the project or associated work orders are viewable in a central photo gallery.

iTasks integration allows for instant team communication with automatic project and task references included. All associated work order times are accumulated and shown along with the estimated project time and configure tasks time. Customizable task status and optional parameters configured for location, priority, assigned technician, and estimated time for completion. Predefined punch lists can be attached to any tasks. One-touch navigation will launch Google maps or Apple maps on iPads for navigation.

The iPoint Control project page.
Work Order Management
The work order module provides tools needed to deploy and monitor field productivity. A work order can be created and scheduled in the office then seen immediately in the field. Invoices can be generated on-site for work performed and from parts from your parts library, and payment received immediately. All invoices and received payments are synced to QuickBooks.

iTasks Team
iPoint Control includes an enterprise-level team task manager to serves as the core communication tool within an organization. Tasks can be organized with status, priority, category, and custom tags. Due dates and times and can be scheduled and reminders via text, email, or push can be set. Any type of document, picture, video, or audio can be attached to a task.

Invoicing Module
The invoicing module in iPoint Control provides integration with the iDesign proposal module and the work order module. Standard line item invoices can be generated from iDesign proposals and pushed directly to QuickBooks. From the work order module, an invoice can be linked with the work order for comprehensive record keeping to allow you to see the work performed from any invoice.

Unlike QuickBooks, iPoint Control has separate layouts for data entry and printing, maximizing your efficiency and producing beautiful printed invoices for your clients. All fields are visible on one layout; there is no need to open additional windows to access the detailed fields.

Time Clock
A company’s time clock can be built right into iPoint Control. From any device running iPoint Control your team can clock in and out. Get payroll hours from the reports module for any time period for any employee.

The iPoint Control Calendar Timeline.

The Calendar module provides a clear picture of all technician appointments. Events are color-coded and appointments can be re-assigned times, dates, and technicians via drag and drop.

iPoint Control uses a true sync method and actually links customers, products, accounts, invoices, purchases orders, received payments, payment types, terms, and chart of accounts with the related QuickBooks records.

The company is working to expand its accounting integration and will be adding additional accounting modules to iPoint Control in 2014.

iPoint’s single upfront fee of $1,995 provides ownership of a single-admin account (each additional user key is $299), with a monthly per user web hosting charge of $90 for the first user and $45 for additional active users. Alternatively a dealer has the option of hosting his iPoint Control database on his own server for no monthly fee. You may enable or disable users at anytime.