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iRoom iO Closes U.S. Offices; Rebrands Under Parent Company Eltako

After May 6, sales and service will be handled at the company’s Austria offices.

iRoom iO has announced its decision to close its U.S. offices. The company will remain intact and fully operating from its Austria headquarters. The website will remain unchanged. iRoom products will be available for sale through the U.S. entity through May 6, 2022. Going forward, sales and service will be handled direct at iRoom’s Austria offices. Beyond the May 6 date, be aware of higher shipping costs, customs handling, and possible delivery time constraints to factor into future projects.

iRoom Sales and Service communications can be sent to the rebranded Austrian headquarters, Eltako Austria GmbH, [email protected] and phone contact can be made by calling +43 6272 206 28.

For more information, visit www.iRoom.iO.