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ISCO Precision Optics Opens U.S. Branch

The German optics manufacturer has opened a new U.S. subsidiary, ISCO USA Inc., in Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta, GA–ISCO Precision Optics GmbH, the German optics manufacturer known for its high-quality projection lenses, has opened its new U.S. subsidiary, ISCO USA Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia.

ISCO has been actively selling lenses for classical cinema and home cinema projection to the North American market for decades. With foundations laid in the 1950s at the advent of Cinemascope, the development and distribution of a wide variety of cutting-edge optical products such as photographic taking lenses, projection lenses, wide-angle and tele-attachments, and anamorphic attachments has solidified ISCO’s presence in the United States as a strong player in the lens industry, best known for its unparalleled quality and precision. The recent sales growth in North America led to the decision to bring ISCO even closer to the American customer by opening a subsidiary to support sales and distribution in the United States.

Hans-Joachim Manus, Managing Director of ISCO Precision Optics GmbH, commented that “with an American subsidiary as our official distributor in the United States, we are now equipped to serve our American dealers, custom integrators, and OEM customers better than ever before.”

The new operation in Atlanta will be led by Brian Ludvigsen, who has worked closely with Hans Manus and the entire ISCO team during the past two years. He stated, “I am glad to become a part of this highly-respected company, and I look forward to serving our current clients more closely and to developing fruitful, lasting relationships with new ones.”

ISCO USA will focus its business on supplying the home theater market with the renowned ISCOSCOPE anamorphic attachments and related accessories by maintaining stock in its Atlanta warehouse. The ISCOSCOPE product line will feature the 1.33x Anamorphic Attachment IIIL as well as the new 1.33x Anamorphic Attachment IIIS, a smaller and more cost-effective anamorphic solution featuring the same optical design as its larger sibling. ISCO USA will complete the turn-key anamorphic solution by also featuring the improved Multistand II as well as the all-new ISCOSCOPE II Motorized Sled, set to debut in April 2008. With the ISCOSCOPE System, the home theater customer can project a 2.35:1 Cinemascope film with a 16:9 native format projector and achieve a 33-percent larger image, bring 25-percent more light to the screen, and use the projector’s full capacity to create the magnificent original Cinemascope viewing experience at home-without the “black bars”.