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James Edward Thiel, 1947-2009

The consumer electronics industry is mourning the passing of Jim Thiel, co-founder of Thiel Audio Products of Lexington, Kentucky. Thiel was founded in 1976 and grew to become one of the most respected manufacturers of loudspeakers in the world.

Thiel’s passion for music and his interest in electronics can both be traced back to childhood, when he began a lifelong love affair with the piano and also began to build and repair radios and other electronic gear. His academic background in physics and mathematics along with his naturally creative and inquisitive nature led him to pioneer the principle of time and phase accuracy in loudspeaker design.

When the Thiel would host its dealers for training events in Lexington, many remarked that their favorite moments were spent with the company’s founder in his lab, where he would detail his complex work in friendly and digestible language. He was known to listen thoughtfully and challenge gracefully, and he garnered a deep level of respect and affection from those who worked at his company. His employees remarked that he was so genuine, and was always fair, kind, and reasonable. Those around Thiel, considered him to be a man of science, possessing a profound respect for individuality and personal freedoms.

Thiel credited Dr. Mark Rosenberg for extending the length and quality of his life. He felt strongly that Dr. Rosenberg’s alternative approach to cancer treatment was viable and wanted to encourage anyone with the disease to learn more about his doctor’s work at Donations in honor of Jim Thiel can be made to the Rosenberg Integrative Cancer Treatment and Research Institute at that URL or to:

2512 North Federal Highway
Suite 105
Del Ray Beach, FL 33483-6147

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