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Jeremy Piven Upgrades NYC Roof Deck with SunBriteTV

Jeremy Piven’s recent upgrade to his apartment’s rooftop deck makes the space even more luxurious. His new permanently installed Pro Series SunBriteTV is a weatherproof outdoor television. Now, any time of day or night, the actor and football fan no longer has to sacrifice his deck’s open air and view of the NYC skyline to catch his favorite game.

 Jeremy Piven and his SunBriteTV.

SunBriteTVs feature high-grade weatherproofing technology that protects internal components from rain, snow, dust, insects, BBQ grease, humidity, and salt air. Intended for direct sunlight installations, SunBriteTV’s rugged Pro Series models have ultra-bright screens with Enhanced Solar Tolerance. This technology prevents isotropic blackout, a common problem with indoor TVs in bright sunlight that causes temporary on-screen black fading. Pro Series TVs are equipped with anti-glare tempered glass protecting the LED panel from impact damage and are designed to operate in temperatures as low as (-40°) and as high as 122°F, thanks to an internal multi-fan heating and cooling system. In addition, The SunBriteTV Pro series has Ambient Light Sensors to automatically adjust brightness based on environmental conditions and a rust-proof powder-coated aluminum exterior.

SunBriteTVs are engineered for movie nights under the stars, summer BBQs and outdoor football parties. Outdoor entertaining in any environment becomes more dynamic with a SunBriteTV.

SunBriteTVs are available in a variety of models, colors, and sizes ranging from 32- to 65-inches. Starting at $1,495, they’re attainable even for non-celebrities.