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Jetbuilt and Vectorworks Partner to Improve Workflow for Integrators

A Jetbuilt project can now export into Vectorworks ConnectCAD to create CAD drawings and a Vectorworks design in ConnectCAD can be pushed into Jetbuilt.

Jetbuilt has announced a partnership with Vectorworks, the international design and BIM software provider, to offer a customized integration between the two platforms. A Jetbuilt project can now export into Vectorworks ConnectCAD to create CAD drawings, BIM models, 3D renderings, and more. Alternately, a Vectorworks design in ConnectCAD can be efficiently pushed into Jetbuilt for fast and powerful quoting.

Jetbuilt + Vectorworks

Jetbuilt and Vectorworks share a common devotion to their clients to consistently anticipate and provide the most effective solutions to their needs. To that end, the companies joined forces in writing custom integrations to map all items in a Jetbuilt proposal to existing items in the Vectorworks ConnectCAD database and vice versa, creating a highly efficient workflow between platforms.  

“Vectorworks is a highly regarded platform that we are proud to align with in bringing the Jetbuilt community a fantastic solution to drawings and documentation,” says Paul Dexter, Jetbuilt founder and CEO. “Moreover, Jetbuilt’s global user base and functionality aligns well with Vectorworks worldwide popularity for even better service to the international community of system integrators and end users.”

“Jetbuilt is a valuable addition to the Vectorworks Partner Network and to our customers across the globe,” says Vectorworks CEO, Dr. Biplab Sarkar. “This integration will save designers time and energy across various stages of their workflows, from lead-tracking to project quoting, installation, and more. We’re delighted to work with Jetbuilt to bring this added level of efficiency, accuracy and power to our users through this project solution.”

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