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Jetbuilt Launches Engineering Scrub Function

Enforces a technical review as part of the project workflow.

Jetbuilt has added functionality that requires projects to be scrubbed by an engineer. This optional workflow can be set to occur either before the Proposal stage or Install stage, where the project will be locked until scrubbed. “It enforces a technical review as part of the workflow, ensuring every item is approved before it goes out the door,” remarks Tom Peters, Jetbuilt director of business development.

JetBuilt Engineering Scrub

When a salesperson migrates a project to Engineering stage, a task is automatically created for the engineer assigned to that project. The engineer is notified that the project is ready for review. The engineer can filter the project by locations and systems, approving, swapping, or adding items to the project in order to achieve the designed functionality. Jetbuilt’s “Comparator” display shows the goal, or contract budget, allowing the engineer to monitor the over-under and stay within budget when possible. They can also ask design questions with the salesperson directly in the project’s Discussion thread.

The Partial Release function allows the engineer or project manager to release any batch of items that have been approved by the engineer, alerting the purchasing department that certain items are ready to order. This is helpful for larger projects where there may be several days of engineering work, but early installation or long lead-time items can be released for immediate purchase. When the engineer completes the scrub, the project manager is notified and the project proceeds to the next stage.

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