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Jetbuilt Launches Funnel Platform at ISE 2020

Designed to provide an intuitive approach to lead management and organization.

Jetbuilt has announced Funnel, the new lead tracking platform that helps turn leads into opportunities, into revenue.

JetBuilt Funnel

Listening to the struggle users faced with disorganized and elusive lead-handling, Jetbuilt asked for more details about an ideal solution. The result? An interface that provides a well-organized and clearly defined lead-tracking and workflow system.

In essence, Funnel follows a lead from the moment it enters the top of the funnel and flows through the various stages to become a contracted project. Emails to and from leads are synced to Jetbuilt and archived within the Funnel platform, where developing conversations can be viewed, monitored, and replied to by all sales reps and management. Tasks for appropriate action are assigned and scheduled to ensure valuable leads are not lost or forgotten.

The Funnel main page quickly provides a high-level view of leads and their progression through the color-coded stages of the sales funnel. Teams can easily track closes against the number of leads and proposals for any period, company-wide or by sales rep, see a quick-list summary of relevant information associated with every lead and filter and sort that list by a variety of criteria.

Funnel’s Heat Indicator dynamically ranks your leads, allowing you to sort and prioritize by temperature prompting appropriate action — whether it’s closing the deal with a hot lead or drawing a lukewarm prospect back into the sales conversation.

Teams are alerted when a company’s funnel is becoming low to elicit action to market and reload with qualified leads. A history-at-a-glance report will brief users on close rates and times, company-wide or by rep.

Funnel is built as an optional add-on to the Jetbuilt Sales and Install platforms.

Visit Jetbuilt at Integrated Systems Europe 2020 in stand 15-M245.

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