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Jetbuilt Unveils Bid Processing at InfoComm 2023

Bid Processing simplifies sending, receiving, and evaluating bids to fuel collaboration between industry professionals.

Jetbuilt will showcase new features as part of its “Bridging the Silos” initiative at InfoComm 2023. Jetbuilt recently introduced Project Registration, and will unveil the latest development, Bid Processing, at the event, which is being held from June 14–16, 2023, in Orlando, Fla.

Jetbuilt Bridging the Silos - Bid Processing

Bid Processing empowers consultants and end users to handle their entire project bidding process within Jetbuilt. Consultants and end users can send a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) to one or more of their preferred integrators directly within Jetbuilt. Integrators receive the fully populated project into their Jetbuilt environment, cutting their response time dramatically. Requests for Information and documentation sharing are handled inside the platform. Integrators then submit their proposals, and the consultant or end user can evaluate with efficiency and award the project. Bid Processing eliminates redundancies in workflow by allowing industry professionals to collaborate within Jetbuilt’s platform; meanwhile, eliminating countless double-entry or importing of Excels or PDFs.

Product Registration allows the manufacturer to confirm product fit, recommend a better-suited or upcoming product, and share availability, discontinuation, incentives, or other information that could be critical to the project. Jetbuilt helps designers and integrators to avoid error-prone submissions due to double entry or tracking various email threads, while helping manufacturers manage requests coming from all directions.

Jetbuilt will continue to introduce new elements to further Bridge the Silos, an initiative introduced earlier this year to foster better communication and collaboration. To learn more about Bridging the Silos, visit