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× Chooses Orion Integrated Systems for Representation in Florida

Orion to provide training and product for the natural-voice control system. continues expanding its industry presence and the availability of artificial intelligence in the home by partnering with Orion. A leading independent manufacturers’ representative in the custom integration industry, Orion will now offer’s natural and privacy oriented voice control with its other top tier products. Dealers that complete the certification offered by Orion will be provided with demo equipment along with the group’s local support and system design expertise.

“Our team has been diligent about partnering with the right integrators over the years as we’ve grown and expanded our offering,” says Alex Capecelatro, CEO. “Now that Orion’s carrying we will be able to engage with the most exceptional home systems professionals in Florida, which is a market that we envision being among our most exciting territories. The Orion team’s commitment to innovative technologies and exceptional user experiences mirrors ours, making this relationship a win-win for everyone involved.” distinguishes itself from the mass market assistants in a variety of ways. Its proprietary natural language processing enables users of all technological comfort levels to freely give commands as opposed to having to memorize trigger phrases.’s understanding of compound commands, limitless nicknames for rooms and devices, and contextual awareness provides an unmatched smart home experience.

A guiding principle of is that what is said behind closed doors is the property of its clients. The system allows users to choose to store data locally for a period of time to assist in learning, or not to store commands at all. Any data collected is used exclusively to make the user experience better. In contrast with most other voice assistants, does not gather or share data for marketing purposes, and never sells client data to third parties.

In addition to advanced voice control and data security for discerning clientele, recently launched the 4.0 version of its iOS apps. With the app, users have the ability to view cameras, monitor the state of devices, easily create scenes, and control everything with voice, text, or a beautiful GUI, from anywhere in the world.

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