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Just Add Power Adds Support for Luxul Managed POE Switches

Just Add Power, manufacturer of the scalable HD over IP ethernet-based video distribution system, added four Luxul models of Managed PoE+ switches to their line-up of fully supported Layer 3 Managed Ethernet switches.

Just Add Power, manufacturer of the scalable HD over IP ethernet-based video distribution system, added four Luxul models of Managed PoE+ switches to their lineup of fully supported Layer 3 managed ethernet switches.

By using Luxul’s AMS-2616P (26-port/16 PoE+ ports), AMS-1208P (12 port/8 PoE+ ports), XMS-2624P (26-port/24 PoE+ ports), or Stackable AMS-4424P+ (24-Port PoE+ with two 10 Gigabit uplinks) switches alongside Just Add Power’s HD over IP transmitters and receivers, integrators can build an “any size” video matrix that is scalable up to a maximum of 4000 inputs x 65,000 outputs. All four Luxul models are Layer 3 supported, enabling endpoint control of RS232 or CEC devices and supporting console API features of Just Add Power’s HD over IP products, including
video wall management, custom error screen messaging, Image Push and Image Pull.

It has also been announced that the JADConfig software will soon be updated for use with Luxul ABR-4400 and XBR-4400 Routers as well as the Luxul switches. JADconfig further reduced setup time and complexity by automating the integration of supported Luxul Switches, Routers, and Just Add Power devices, along with licensed control system drivers (RTI, Crestron, Control4, and AMX) as part of the HD over IP video distribution network setup.

Luxul’s AMS-2616P, AMS-1208P, and AMS-4424P models are part of Luxul’s “AV Series” family of switches and routers which are purpose built for use with AV equipment.

They feature rear panel ports and front facing LEDs for neat integration with AV rack systems. They also have user selectable blue/green LED colors that allow for consistency with other rack mount equipment being installed. The XMS-2624P+ offers a traditional front-facing port alternative to the three AV Series switches. The AMS-1208P is fanless whilst the AMS-2616P, AMS-4424P and XMS-2624P have variable speed fans for quiet operation. All four switches have been optimized for use with Just Add Power based HDMI over IP systems. 

Ed Qualls, CEO of Just Add Power, said, “The new Luxul switches are the best choice for HD over IP. We know our integrators will benefit from support being added for these new Luxul models.”

Currently an RTI driver is available for supported Luxul models, with drivers for Crestron, AMX, and Control4 coming soon.