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Kaleidescape Debuts New DVD Management Systems

The new systems are based on the KSERVER-2500 platform.

New York, NY–Kaleidescape has launched its Kaleidescape System 3000 (KS3000) and Kaleidescape System 3500 (KS3500) home entertainment servers, both of which are based on the new KSERVER-2500 and the Kaleidescape Software Release 2.4.

The new KSERVER-2500 provides 100/1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and stores up to 660 DVDs on twelve 400GB disk cartridges (4.4 terabytes of RAID-protected storage capacity)–a 33 percent increase over earlier Kaleidescape Servers. Multiple KSERVER-2500s can be clustered in a single system to store thousands of movies. The KS3000 provides simultaneous playback in up to five zones throughout the home.

The KS3500 provides simultaneous playback in up to 25 zones, or more depending on the System configuration and specific movies being watched. Both systems also include the new Kaleidescape Software Release 2.4. This version provides users with significant new features for managing and their movie collections:

Scripts. Scripts allow users to create and play any sequence of DVD discs, movies, trailers, episodes, favorite scenes, home videos, cover art, and other Scripts.
Multiple favorite scenes. Users can create multiple favorite scenes within a movie by simply marking each scene and assigning an appropriate name. Users can choose to play back favorite scenes individually or through Scripts.
Quick search. Users can quickly locate any movie by title, director, actor, or genre by simply moving the cursor to the corresponding heading in the on-screen Movie List and entering the first letter of the name or category into their control device or via Kaleidescapes Web Utility. All items that start with that letter are immediately displayed on-screen.

These new features resulted from customer requests, said Michael Malcolm, chairman and CEO of Kaleidescape. Customers plan to use our new Scripts feature to create their own personal video programs for entertaining guest parties. Our dealers will use Scripts to create play lists of clips from famous movies to use for demonstrating home theater equipment to their customers. And the greatly increased number of simultaneous playback zones provided by the KS3500 will be appreciated by our customers that own large yachts.

The KS3000 and KS3500 are available now through authorized Kaleidescape dealers worldwide. North American retail prices start at $22,500.

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