Legrand Releases Wattstopper Commercial Equinox UI

Interface Manages and Complex Lighting and Shading Systems
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Legrand, North America has released its Commercial Equinox User Interface (UI) solution for the Wattstopper architectural dimming platform. The Equinox UI features intuitive navigation and a simple user experience while controlling lighting from simple on/off to complex scenes, shades, dynamic white and color control, and "divide and combine" applications.

“There are too few interfaces available in the commercial market that provide the simplicity end users want and that can scale and adapt to changing needs of a space,” said Jon Null, product marketing manager, architectural dimming at Legrand. “Contractors, specifiers, and lighting professionals want one device that can control every lighting load in a room that is easy to install and commission while building owners, facility managers, and occupants want simple, yet innovative controls. The Equinox UI checks all these boxes.”

The Equinox UI software comes installed on Equinox touchscreens or downloadable as an app on mobile devices (iOS and Android). 

Integration of Wattstopper Human Centric Lighting solutions with the architectural dimming platform offers a robust digital lighting system. Using the Commercial Equinox User Interface on these touchscreens and app makes it even simpler to control lighting, including dynamic white and color temperature applications using circadian schedules. 

The Wattstopper architectural dimming platform is designed to meet precise dimming and energy conservation objectives, provide enhanced end-user experiences, and simplify design for future space requirements. The platform features a range of lighting control panels, intuitive user interfaces, and the capability to integrate with the Digital Lighting Management system for an energy-efficient, building-wide lighting control solution.