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LeisureTech Receives A-BUS Patent for the U.S.

News strengthens A-BUS position as innovators of Cat-5 audio solutions.

Rosebery, NSW Australia–Seven years after filing and 18 months after receiving notice of its allowance by the U.S. Patent Office, LeisureTech Electronics has received U.S. patent no. 7,181,023 for its A-BUS technology. LeisureTech, inventors of the multi-room audio solution, already holds patents for A-BUS in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Mexico.

Andrew Goldfinch, founder of LeisureTech and co-inventor of A-BUS technology, commented, This is very welcome news indeed and it certainly reaffirms our long-held belief that A-BUS is a truly compelling idea. Over the last seven years, LeisureTech and our partners have successfully marketed the many benefits of A-BUS technology throughout the world. Having the actual U.S. patent in hand will further strengthen the A-BUS platform as the standard for affordable multi-room audio.

A-BUS is a technology for multi-room audio that utilizes a single Category 5 cable to carry signal, data, infrared, status, and power. This approach places the amplifiers closer to the speakers, enabling superior sound quality, increased flexibility, simpler installation, consumer-friendly operation, energy savings and greater affordability.

One of the key benefits to A-BUS technology, according to LeisureTech, is that it is virtually plug and play so that any A-BUS product will work with another, regardless of brand. A-BUS is currently licensed to more than 15 leading companies with various and diverse product offerings in the multi-room audio category.