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Leon Speakers Goes Direct-to-Dealer in the UK and Canada

Leon has made these changes to strengthen its relationship with dealers in these territories and get them better acquainted with the Leon brand, their product line and custom capabilities.

Leon Speakers will now offer its custom audio products and Media Decor solutions directly to qualified dealers in the United Kingdom and Canada. Dealers will no longer be required to purchase Leon products through a distributor. Leon has made these changes to strengthen its relationship with dealers in these territories and get them better acquainted with the Leon brand, their product line and custom capabilities.

According to the company, this transition from a distribution sales model to direct sales will benefit both integrators and end-user customers by shortening the lines of communication for pre- and post-sales support as well as streamlining custom high-end projects.

As part of Leon’s direct-to-dealer initiative, the company will significantly reduce order processing and transit times delivering bespoke products faster and at more competitive price points. It will also give dealers direct access to Leon’s full support team and dealer resources, including a Dealer Portal which houses up-to-date information on order history, pricing, products, promotions and more.

The new arrangement also will give dealers direct access to Leon’s industrial design and engineering team to develop the perfect audio products and Media Decor solutions for any installation, as well as put each dealer through an on-boarding process, giving them access to training modules, demo systems, and an introduction to Leon’s sales and customer service teams.

“We are excited to move to a direct-to-dealer model in these regions as it gives us the opportunity to forge new and meaningful relationships with a dealer base that has already proven to do great work,” said Noah Kaplan, president of Leon Speakers. “As a custom company, we need to spend more time and resources to develop each individual sale, so it makes sense to have this increased line of communication and transparency with our dealer base. This change will also open up our award-winning customer service team to UK and Canadian dealers as well as give end-users more access to Leon’s entire product line.”

For the past six years, Genesis Technologies has distributed Leon’s custom audio products in the UK. Over the last 12 months it become clear to Leon that the demand in the UK will now support a direct to dealer model and that now is an ideal time for that process to begin.

Genesis Technologies will now refocus on high-end cinema products and services. In contrast, Leon is focused on selling their bespoke speakers to the Living Space segment, bringing high-fidelity audio platforms to a wider array of rooms in the home. Leon has a full line of products that can be custom tailored to match the design environment, or more commonly, the TV.

Effective January 15, 2015, dealers in the UK will be able to buy Leon direct, through a strategic partnership that will be announced in the next few weeks. In the meantime, dealers in the UK that want more information can contact Gary Vlaeminck, international sales representative at +1.484.553.9763 [email protected].

In Canada, Leon sold their products through Sound Developments, based in Vancouver. Although the two companies had a successful run for over five years together, this new direction for Leon will effectively remove extra barriers to sales in the neighboring country. Leon’s Michigan headquarters puts them in a position to easily transact business throughout Canada, enabling deeper sell through of their custom solutions.

Effective January 1, 2015, dealers in Canada will be able to purchase products direct from Leon. Dealers in Canada that want more information and an Authorized Dealer application can contact Colin Wilcox, residential sales director at 734.274.1117 or [email protected].