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Leviton Enables Gigabit Networking Home

Structured wiring manufacturer's new technology offers highest transfer speeds for high-end homes.

Little Neck, NY–Leviton has expanded its structured cabling offering with the addition of the industrys first gigabit-speed home networking solution. Levitons integrated Gigabit Network System enables todays homeowners to benefit from a superior high-speed networking capability that supports both current and future technologies, such as the latest in multi-player gaming consoles, NAS network drives, high-end media servers, high-speed networking devices, and other home technologies.

With the modern workplace thoroughly connected and networked, people now have higher overall expectations when it comes to computing and entertainment experiences, explained Jack Merrow, director of marketing for Leviton Integrated Networks products and systems. Our new Gigabit Networking System is the first practical solution for bringing this level of speed and security to the home.

The new system consists of Levitons commercial-grade Category 6 patch cords, QuickPort jacks, new Category 6 Data Board and Module, Gigabit Ethernet Switch, and Gigabit Router. Together these components form the backbone for an integrated Gigabit-rate home network system that serves the entertainment, communications, and burgeoning home office needs of todays and tomorrows high-end homes. All the devices easily snap into Levitons award-winning Structured Media Center enclosures, available in 14-, 28- and 42-inch sizes to support any size installation.

The new 10/100/1000Base-T 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch is ideal for connecting home computers and peripheral devices to obtain the highest network connectivity rates possible. The new switch offers plug-and-play installation and a user-friendly design featuring LEDs that show combined Link/Activity rates and 10/100/1000 Mbps connections.

The unit includes an auto-detect uplink to easily cascade additional switches and routers from any of its 1-Gbps ports. The Switch features high-performance store-and-forward switching architecture with CRC and Runt Filtering. It connects to Levitons new Category 6 Data Module with Category 6 Patch Cords.

The 10/100/1000Base-T 4-Port Gigabit Router includes a WAN port and 4 Gigabit Ethernet Switch ports, which allows multiple users to share a single, secure, DSL or cable Internet connection. This creates a virtual private network for the home, enabling homeowners to experience network performance, security and flexibility once exclusive to high-end commercial environments.

The routers built-in NAT firewall protects the home network from outside observation and provides secure communication for all users. Homeowners can customize web access and filter unwanted sites with a URL blocking feature. The routers universal plug-and-play feature allows automatic discovery and configuration of the gateway. The device offers compatibility with Windows ME, XP and forward-compatible Windows operating systems.

The Category 6 Data Board and Category 6 Module provide a stand alone 6-port circuit board or a 6-port module (with a dedicated ABS plastic bracket). Both versions support connections for Gigabit networking applications.