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Leviton Introduces Salesforce Visual Remote Assistant

New tool enables real-time, interactive, and visual engagement with Leviton technical service representatives.

Leviton has announced significant enhancements to its technical support capabilities with the introduction of the Salesforce Visual Remote Assistant. With this software tool, builders, contractors, and homeowners can connect with Leviton technical service representatives via video directly from their mobile device.

With the Salesforce Visual Remote Assistant, Leviton can help customers troubleshoot and resolve issues faster. The software allows technicians, installers, or homeowners to transmit live video and images of technical issues from the field while consulting with a remote expert. Salesforce Visual Remote Assistant benefits builders and electricians by improving first-time resolution rates, cutting operational costs, and reducing training time.

The Salesforce Visual Remote Assistant operates as a simple visual connection between the remote Leviton technical service representative and the customer. By visually observing the issue, the service representative is able to immediately understand the customer’s problem and expedite a solution by walking the customer through the answer to their question. Once the job is successfully completed, the technical service representative can view the results and confirm that the issue has been resolved.

The Salesforce Visual Remote Assistant does not require users to download an app. When visual assistance is needed, customers are sent a text message or email to their smart device containing a secure link that will directly connect them to a member of the Leviton technical service team. For privacy and security, the link is a one-time use code which expires following the completion of the support session.

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