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LEXI Joins the Z-Wave Alliance Board of Directors

Company provides a bridge between ecosystems, protocols, and smart device brands.

Z-Wave Alliance - LEXI Logo

The Z-Wave Alliance has announced that LEXI, the company behind the industry’s most comprehensive IoT platform that is transforming how both enterprises and consumers manage and automate their smart spaces, has officially joined the Z-Wave Alliance Board of Directors.

Ratified as a standards development organization (SDO), the Z-Wave Alliance actively recruits smart home and IoT leaders to join, direct, and contribute to the completely member-driven organization and chart the course of the future of Z-Wave technology and the smart home. LEXI joins an impressive roster of Z-Wave Alliance board of director member companies that currently includes ADT,, ASSA Abloy, Bluesalve Partners, LEEDARSON, Qolsys, Ring, Silicon Labs, and Vivint.

“The future is open, interoperable, and flexible — and this is the vision and reality LEXI shepherds into the market and contributes to at a board-level and to workgroup conversations within the Z-Wave Alliance,” says John E. Osborne II, COO, LEXI. “Companies of any size with the right goals, roadmap, and passion can have a seat at these important industry tables. Working together to solve challenges, mutually benefit and draft off one another’s experience and ideas, and evolve the IoT landscape for everyone involved is a mission we believe in wholeheartedly.”

Holding prestigious positions as vice chairman of the Z-Wave Alliance Board of Directors and chairman emeritus for the Connectivity Standards Alliance, Osborne recently joined LEXI as chief operating officer. The organization has a deep bench of seasoned IoT executives with a product portfolio poised to support the wave of collaboration taking place across the industry.

“LEXI joining the Board of Directors with John as both their representative and newly appointed COO is a major win for the Z-Wave Alliance,” says Mitch Klein, executive director of the Z-Wave Alliance. “LEXI and Z-Wave share in a critical goal for the smart home — interoperability — and we’re thrilled to officially announce and welcome LEXI to the board under the insightful leadership of John, who has been a steward of smart home development for decades.”

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