Lexicon AVRs Include Dirac Room Correction

Harman's Lexicon Products are Its First Audio Video Receiver Offerings in 10 Years
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Dirac Research has extended its long-standing partnership with Samsung-owned Harman International, integrating its Dirac Live room correction technology into Harman’s line of Lexicon AV receivers. Harman's Lexicon products are its first audio video receiver offerings in 10 years.

According to Niklas Thorin, general manager of high performance audio at Dirac Research, the new agreement with Harman International builds upon an already successful partnership that includes Harman automotive and portable speaker solutions. 

“Together, Harman and Dirac have already enhanced the listening experience for users of Harman automotive systems and portable speakers,” Thorin said. “We are very proud to expand this relationship with Harman to include Lexicon luxury home theater AV receivers. The integration of Dirac Live into Lexicon receivers will provide consumers with a listening experience offering reduced sonic coloration produced by the room’s size, shape, and contents.”

Dirac Live is a patented room correction technology that not only corrects the frequency response, but also the impulse response of a room’s loudspeakers. As the most advanced room correction technology available on the market, Dirac Live is unique in that it provides true impulse response correction over a large listening area, improving the depth, positioning, and distinction of individual voices and instruments. Using multiple measurement and mixed phase correction, Dirac Live helps audio systems to create a natural, realistic and transparent sound with tighter bass and reduced room modes, in a way previously not possible.

“At Harman, we strive to continuously upgrade and enhance our product lines to deliver customers a best-in-class experience,” said Christopher M. Dragon, senior director of marketing, Lifestyle. “By incorporating Dirac Live into our new line-up of Lexicon AV receivers, the listening experience that we provide our customers is more refined and true-to-sound than ever before. We look forward a successful partnership between Dirac Research and our Lexicon brand.”

According to Thorin, the expansion of its partnership with Harman International comes on the heels of the joint announcement that the all-new Soundboost 2 portable speaker by Harman-brand JBL will be equipped with Dirac Panorama Sound technology. Dirac and Harman began their relationship creating jointly-tuned sound systems for BMW and Volvo automobiles.

“Lexicon is the latest in a growing number of brands that have come to the conclusion that Dirac Live is the very best room correction technology available on the market today,” Thorin emphasized. “It represents the highest pinnacle of quality in accurate sound optimization in a home theater environment.”