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LG Launches Dual-Format HD Deck

The manufacturer's new player will play both Blu-ray and HD DVD formatted discs.

New York, NY–LG Electronics announced that it will launch the first Blu-ray Disc, HD DVD combination player at the International CES show this week. LG’s brief statement from its headquarters in Seoul, Korea did not provide details on the high definition, dual format unit, saying features will be discussed at CES.

“LG expects this technological breakthrough to end the confusion and inconvenience of competing high-definition disc formats for both content producers and consumers,” the company said.

At a New York press conference last July LG said it was a “strong supporter of Blu-ray” since it was a developer of the format. When asked at the time if such a dual-format player might be introduced in 2007 the spokesperson noted that LG had not finalized its plans for the new year as of yet. LG cancelled plans last March to ship a Blu-ray disc player that was set for spring.

Reports out of South Korea in September 2005 from Samsung indicated that it was planning a dual format HD disc player supporting Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD but that product was never introduced.

In additional news, the company has appointed Allan Jason as marketing VP of consumer electronics in the US. He joins the company from Sony Electronics where he spent more than 20 years in various key sales and marketing jobs. Most recently he was VP of Sony’s Portable Audio and Mobile Electronics Divisions since 2004.

He replaces Bob Perry who left the company on the eve of LG’s annual dealer meeting held in Orlando last November. Perry had been with LG for almost three years.

Jason will be responsible for leading the company’s U.S. Consumer Electronics (Digital Display and Digital Media) product marketing and product management for flat panel displays, home audio/video and computer monitors and optical drives, among others key product areas.

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