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LG, Samsung Named Value Electronics 2014 ‘King of TV’

The annual Shootout event tests, evaluates, and compares the latest flagship TVs each year side-by-side, with the winner crowned the “King of TV.”, a leading independent audio video retailer in Scarsdale, NY, hosted their 10th annual TV Shootout evaluation event to determine who makes the best TV for 2014. Industry veterans in attendance and presenting included Dr. Larry Weber, credited with the creation and development of plasma flat panel TV, and Joe Kane of JKP, a co-founder of ISF who is helping to set the standards of Ultra HD. The Shootout event tests, evaluates, and compares the latest flagship TVs each year side-by-side, with the winner crowned the “King of TV.”

LG’s 55EC9300 OLED was one of the winners of Value Electronics’ “King of TV” award.

The TVs competing this year range from curved to flat, 1080p and 4K Ultra HD, as well as plasma, LED, and OLED. Samsung’s impressive UN105S9W 105” Ultra HD Curved LED was debuted for the first public showing. The 2014 contenders vying for the crown were LG’s EC9300 1080p Curved OLED, Samsung’s KN55S9C 1080p Curved OLED, Sony’s X950B 4K UHD LED, Samsung’s HU9000 Curved 4K UHD LED, Sony’s X900B 4K UHD LED, Samsung’s HU8550 4K UHD LED, and the 2013 reigning champ, Samsung’s F8500 plasma.

LG’s 55EC9300 OLED won the majority of voting categories and the most important categories, but if you average all the attributes together, Samsung’s F8500 plasma has the highest score overall, with Samsung’s KN55S9C OLED also a top performer. “So for the first time ever we are announcing a tie in popular vote between LG’s EC9300 OLED and Samsung’s F8500 plasma, with Samsung’s KN55S9C OLED as the expert calibrator’s top pick,” said Robert Zohn, president of Value Electronics.

Samsung’s plasma and both the Samsung OLED and LG OLED all scored very close. Each offers exceptional video performance across the board, but particularly in the areas of black level and contrast. It’s clear that the audience loved the Samsung plasma, and the two OLED TVs. Any of these three panels would make even the most discerning video enthusiast happy for years to come.

Zohn stated, “Consumers are advised to use the voting results to match up with which criteria are most important to them and review each category to determine the TV that best matches their interests and viewing conditions.”

The unanimous decision of our professional panel of experts, Kevin Miller, DeWayne Davis, and David Mackenzie, named Samsung’s KN55S9C OLED as the best TV in the 2014 TV Shootout, but this year has two winners by popular vote, LG’s 55EC9300 OLED and Samsung’s PN64F8500 plasma.

Regardless of how you break down the ballots the message is clear, video enthusiasts strongly prefer self-emitting based displays over liquid crystal panels with edge lit or direct array light emitting diodes.

Check the Value Electronics website for a link to a video of the 2014 TV Shootout and results. Congratulations to LG, Samsung, and Sony for making it to the flagship evaluation event!