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LG Smart TVs Enable Interactive Apps with LivePlus Service

LG is the first smart TV manufacturer to integrate real-time data service from Cognitive Networks for enhanced and interactive viewing experiences, known as LG’s LivePlus synchronous TV service.

The automatic content recognition (ACR) technology enabled by Cognitive Networks’ Engage Enhanced TV cloud service allows third-party developers to create applications to engross consumers with real-time event triggers, such as trivia, polling, plot predictions, social media sharing, and even ordering a pizza. The goal of the service is to enable content producers and TV networks to grow their audiences with unique content.

The Engage service uses an open API, so the applications under development are virtually unlimited in what features they create for consumers. “As we talk to different people, they all have different points of view,” regarding the wide range of potential uses, said Michael Collette, CEO, Cognitive Networks.

Users can opt-in (or out) to the applications upon launching during a show. The LG smart TVs are synchronized with live or time-shifted programming. The apps are controlled via an LG remote.

The 2012 and 2013 models of LG smart TVs incorporate this technology, and Showtime is one of the first networks to take advantage of the service with its SHO Synch app.

Cognitive Networks is in discussions with several other smart TV manufacturers to apply the service, and Collette predicted the B-to-B company will be at CES 2014 with two others.

While the technology is just emerging, and the immediate focus is on smart TVs, Collette indicated that the application could be expanded to other devices, such as OTT boxes like the Apple TV and others.

Ultimately, Collette said, “the technology is built to make TV better.”