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Liberty Wire & Cable Adds Custom Cable Facility

he company says that the new addition has expanded its service capacity by 200 percent.

Colorado Springs, CO–Liberty Wire & Cable has expanded its Custom Cable Assembly facility, increasing its ability to deliver custom cables to installers by 200 percent.

Said to have been designed to accommodate rapidly increasing market demand, Libertys newly expanded Custom Cable Assembly facility enables the companys technicians to handcraft unique cable assemblies and turnaround orders in 72 hours, whether for one or 100 units, in standard or custom lengths. Its speed and precision helps installers avoid The Big Oops when not having exactly the right custom cable at the right time can determine whether a job is completed quickly, efficiently, and profitably.

Liberty maintains an extensive variety of custom cables combining virtually every type available, including RGB/HV, HDMI, VGA, DVI, Component Video, Toslink, Neutron Speakon, CAT5e, and much more. These can be assembled for any installation or need, including audio, video, broadcast, OEM and control applications.

Liberty can custom develop systems cables to meet or exceed precise stranding, shielding and performance requirements, complete with PVC, plenum or low-smoke ratings. It also offers advice to installers who are uncertain of their needs to ensure the right product for the right application.

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