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Lighting Control Alliance Enters Phase 2

Industry consortium cites rapid growth of lighting control and growing opportunities.

Warrenton, VA–The Home Lighting Control Alliance (HLCA) is renewing membership for a second phase of its outreach program. Since 2006, more than two dozen companies, organizations, and integrators have united to lead a marketing initiative to raise the awareness, value, and benefits of lighting control systems for the home. In that time, lighting control has significantly increased market share and was cited in the latest CEA State of the Builder Survey with the largest increase of any home technology.

The second phase of the HLCA program will begin on January 1 and run for all of calendar 2008. In addition to raising market awareness for the category to homebuilders, consumers and the trade, the alliance plans to expand its educational content online via periodic white papers and case studies as well as a monthly electronic newsletter.

According to Lightoliers Gary Meshberg, Chair of the HLCA, In a little more than a year, the alliance has made great strides in promoting lighting control as a mainstream technology for integrators, homebuilders, and consumers. The media has been highly receptive to our message and that in turn has really helped us get the word out to everyone involved in the decision-making process. In addition to increased awareness, I am particularly proud that there are now two new industry awards for lighting control that were a direct result of our members efforts.

Modeled after prior successful promotional campaigns, such as Wiring America Homes and the Distributed Audio Alliance, the HLCA has mirrored its proven track records for increased awareness, market penetration, and long term success. Over the years, markets for structured wiring and distributed audio (aka multi-room or whole house audio) have experienced double-digit growth since their respective promotional campaigns and continue to be among the fastest growing product categories in home technology. The same is now happening for lighting control.

The alliance partnership includes leading manufacturers of lighting control products, experienced systems integrators and prestigious industry associations. Its primary focus has been on residential applications for new construction, renovations, and quality retrofit installations. Core product areas have included dimming system types (hard wired, wireless), control keypads and interfaces as well as lighting control system integration for a room or the whole house.

For consumers, the essential messaging has focused on the lifestyle value and benefit of home lighting control, promoting the investment in lighting control to increase comfort, convenience, security, resale value, to support a call to action and decision-making path to help consumers select the right products for their familys needs. In todays increasingly green-conscious environment, the alliance has also promoted how lighting control can save energy through dimmers, occupancy sensors and scheduling.

For homebuilders and architects, the HLCA has provided simple educational messaging promoting the ease of installation and operation, affordability and that it is a technology that homebuyers increasingly demand. In addition, it has been explained how lighting control is a green technology that saves energy in simple and affordable applications.

For distributors and the varied professional installation trades involved with lighting control systems, the HLCA has delivered straightforward, educational messaging about the categorys exceptional value and benefits. This in turn has served as a useful guide and resource for their sales and marketing efforts.

For all audiences, the HLCA has positioned itself as a ready resource with clear and accurate information on home lighting control. The dedicated website features various lighting control products and solutions, provides easy access to alliance members, and showcases interesting applications and installations. The website will be greatly expanded in the groups upcoming initiatives.

New members of all profiles are welcomed into the HLCA and interested parties should contact either Peter Hoagland at 540.349.9648 [email protected] or Gary Meshberg at 214.647.7927 [email protected]. More information can also be obtained at the HLCA website