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Linear Discontinues Line of Entry Control Products

Next-generation AM3Plus, AE1000Plus and AE2000Plus are now available with enhanced features and programming flexibility.

Carlsbad, CA–Linear has announced that its AM/II, AE-1 and AE-2, which have been serving access control market needs since 1996, will be discontinued because their key components are no longer available. Linear has notified its market partners of this change and assured them that Linear will continue to support replacement of the AM/II and internal components of the AE-1 and AE-2 for approximately seven years, depending upon availability.

For new installations, Linear recommends using its next generation of telephone entry and access control products, the Plus series; AM3Plus, AE1000Plus and AE2000Plus. Most dealers, installers and distributors are already familiar with Linears Plus products and have installed them for past four years because they appreciate their enhanced feature set, including:

Programming flexibility using the local keypad, a dedicated PC, or any PC;
Generous user and credential capacity;
Telephone Entry Systems and Access Controllers that are both networkable and expandable to 64 panels;
Easier data entry including the ability to add single- or block-coded credentials;
A 33.6Kbps speed modem; and
Support for multiple door peripheral connections.

Some installers may consider upgrading AM/II-, AE-1- and AE-2-based installations with like Plus products. In such cases, Linears AccessBase2000 software for the Plus products allows database conversion when all units within the network are upgraded with Plus products.

“Our telephone entry and access control products have remained quite popular, and Linear appreciates the loyalty and long-term relationships we have established with our family of access control dealers, installers, and distributors, said Larry Foisie,VP of sales for Linear Entry Systems. Now with local keypad programming capability added to our Plus products, our partners recognize increased value and programming simplicity with our family of telephone entry and access products.